Rob & Kathy Cerasi

138 Spoonbill Point Court

“Building our house with John Valdes & Associates, Inc. has been a wonderful experience. The workmanship, and attention to detail, with everything from basic construction, to custom craftsmanship, has been excellent.

Having had the unique opportunity to follow the ongoing construction of our home, we were highly impressed with the talent, reliability and overall professionalism of John Valdes and his entire staff.

We were patiently allowed the freedom to change, adjust and prefect our design on a daily basis. When we were searching for someone to build our home, we were looking for a builder who cared. John Valdes was that person. He was always accessible to communicate with, he always had our best interest in mind and more importantly, valued the quality of our house as much as we did.

Trust is a key ingredient in the process of home-building. John and his staff certainly earned our trust. we highly recommend him to anyone looking to build a quality custom house. Thank you, John Valdes, we truly love our home.”


Jim Jaffre & Wynn Bone

Tremerton Street & Wynn Bone Gallery on Charlotte Street

(Note: this letter was sent to us after Jim & Wynn sold their buildings and moved back up East to Maryland.)

Wynn & I have been going through a remodel of our home here in Annapolis, MD. I has been the opposite experience from that which we had with you at both our St Augustine projects.

Our current project has quickly allowed us to appreciate you more than we did.

Unlike your timeliness, our current contractor is 3-months over due in finishing, and the quality of too much of his work has been suspect and argumentative. Our expectations are based on the remodel experiences we had in St. Augustine. Your work for us has been our benchmark. Every time he said “Oh it can’t be done,” or “oh you just have to accept that in these old houses,” we say “NO WAY!” We say, “Our St. Augustine contractor was able to resolve such things…why can’t you?” Wynn… often has suggested resolutions based on our learnings from you two guys! I doubt very much that we will have the after-completion service that we enjoyed with you. I just don’t see these people rushing right over to resolve issues or help us. Your legacy in that regard will be the highest impression of you.

In plain English, you (are) good! And although we appreciated you then, we appreciate and admire you more, now. You were worth every penny we paid… Thank you for your outstanding service, your give-a-damn, your good workmanship… and most importantly, your sense of fair play…


Former Congressman Doug Wiles

Herbie Wiles Insurance Agency

Thank you for your call last week advising us that you were not able to provide a proposal for the construction of our new office building. We are disappointed not to have the opportunity to work with you, but understand the demands of your time with current projects.

Your honesty and candor is much appreciated. You’ve established a remarkable and well-known reputation in the community as a quality contractor and I’ve always been impressed with your work. Both my father and I found our discussion earlier this year to be very helpful in understanding the scope of our project and some construction options that we are likely to use.

Thanks again for taking the time to review our plans. We’ll keep you in mind for future projects and will always recommend you to others. With warmest regards…

Doug Wiles, CPCU, President
Herbie Wiles Insurance
Former Florida State Congressman


Leonard & Nancy Pelicer

Spanish Street

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! For such a well-built, solid home! We plan to enjoy it many years–Leonard says the only way he’s leaving is feet first!”


Karen Jurgensen & Bill Leary

East Park Avenue

We picked the John Valdes company to do the restoration of our 1926 cottage because they have a reputation for doing quality, caring work on old buildings. John and Des Valdes turned our out-of-date cottage into a lovely, modern home that retains its old bones while functioning like a brand new house.

The Valdes motto is “building for the next 100 years.” They certainly did that for us. Every aspect of the job was handled with care and the best materials. their craftsmen are tops in their trades. Every detail was carefully attended to. And everyone is great to work with.

The last time we bought a house, even though it was from a reputable builder, we still ended up with a lengthy punch list of things that needed to be fixed after we moved in. But with the Valdes crew everything was perfect from day one.


Marc & Jeanne Matthews

Inlet Drive

“Writing has never been my forte, but due to the quality performance of your construction company’s crews and administrative personnel, I feel the need to attempt to express my gratitude.

As you know, I am a 35-year (plus) general contractor myself, but when my wife jeanne and I moved into 120 Inlet Drive in the fall of 2006, we decided that if our new retirement style of living was to be perfected, I should attempt to leave my construction experience only in my memories. so we agreed to find a local construction company with values similar to what I had based my career on.

Because we had family and friends here in St. Augustine, we had inside information on who’s who in the remodeling and construction business here in town. Still, I felt the competitive need to interview a select group of contractors to find the person or persons I felt the most confidence in.

Because this remodel was a simple circa 1938 red brick home with little curb appeal, and I knew that the home did not have any wind load design engineering incorporated into the original construction, I wanted a contractor who was capable of making my new home the bst it could be. I knew when we had our first meeting that you were a man of integrity and had the construction experience to take on this project to bring it to the level of quality Jeanne and I wanted and expected.

I don’t this I need to brag anymore about your company’s abilities, as a simple drive-by says enough, the house looks beautiful and hardly a day goes by that we don’t have a passer-by yell out at us how great the house looks. It sure is a joy to be in the spotlight, and your company is the one who put us there–thanks.”


Tony and Brenda Bushell

Casablanca Inn Bed & Breakfast, Villas on the Bay Bed & Breakfast
Bayfront – Avenida Menendez & Marine Street

“We have relied upon the services of John Valdes and Associates for a variety of projects in St Augustine for the past 15 years. Besides being a leader in quality, high-end new construction, John Valdes and his staff have the added value of extensive knowledge of historic structures.

They are the first choice when considering the special skills needed to design and build new construction or restore and improve many of St. Augustine’s older structures. It is no surprise that John Valdes and Assoc. continues to flourish because of strong integrity, honesty and specially skilled staff.”