Custom Homes

John Valdes and Associates designs and builds high-quality, energy efficient, environmentally sensitive, custom homes that are truly created to serve the needs of their owners. “Custom home” to John Valdes means that the home is designed and built specifically around the requirements and the taste of the client. John Valdes and his staff work closely with experienced and proven teams of architects, engineers and interior decorators to create homes that are an extension of the clients taste and style ,all while maintaining a very high standard of building quality and survivability in Northeast Florida’s coastal environment.

We frequently hear concerns about Hurricanes, and the potential damage, which we take very seriously in our design and construction practices. Having said that, we are also very conscious of the un-insured threats to a home that exist 365 days a year, such as corrosion, termite attack and wood decay all of which causes far more damage then the well-publicized Hurricanes. Florida and St. Johns County has one of the toughest building codes in the United States. Contrary to many people’s understanding, however, the code is meant to set minimums, in other words the code is the “Safety net”. Building a low maintenance ,energy efficient, storm tough ,corrosion and insect resistant home that will give many years of good service requires the knowledge and experience of having done work in coastal environments for many years and being able to recognize when the requirements of the code are simply not sufficient and must be exceeded. Being a third generation Florida builder and having done coastal construction since 1962 John Valdes has that experience.

John Valdes and Associates offers various methods of Home construction depending on location, budget, and architectural style. We provide conventional construction methods using concrete block and wood frame or precast concrete construction for very high storm survivability. We also build modular component homes as well as hybrid homes using a combination of conventional methods and materials, precast concrete panel components and or modular components.

Contrary to what you may have heard or experienced previously, having a new home built does not have to be an unpleasant experience. Building a new custom home with John Valdes and Associates is one of the most pleasant and creative adventures you can have, just ask our previous clients.

Please contact us to discuss how we can build you your new custom home.  We would love to show you our work and introduce you to our past clients and friends.