John Valdes and Associates offers design and build services for the use of pre-fabricated modular components and combination systems built structures. John Valdes first became familiar with the use of pre-fabricated modular components in the 1970s while building hospitals, hotels and dormitories in the Middle East and other developing areas of the world. The attraction of pre-fabricated modular component construction that made their use so attractive 40 years ago still applies today. If you have the need for very fast construction time, good quality, green and energy efficient, competitively priced construction, modular component buildings may be a solution. An important added benefit, modular components are factory built which means a controlled environment with very little waste and the wood components are rarely exposed to water or rain during the modular unit construction process resulting in mold and mildew issues being kept to the very minimum. It is not uncommon with conventional wood frame construction for homes to be rained into several times during the building process resulting in future problems with mold and mildew growth. We are careful with our conventional construction to do chlorine /mold preventative treatments frequently until the building is watertight to minimize mold problems.

The modular component of our “systems built construction” which may be a combination of conventional construction materials, pre-cast concrete panels as well as modular components are all compliant with the Florida Building Code. Our pre-fabricated modular units are built to our specification making them exponentially stronger than most commonly built on site conventional wood frame buildings.

Modular component construction can be limited due to lack of access to the building site by large trucks and heavy equipment or the inability to “set “the modular components of the building using a crane due to tree coverage, power lines or other overhead obstructions.

We will provide a listing of our Modular Systems construction projects upon request.