Client Relations

John Valdes and Associates Inc. Is unique in today’s construction industry in that it functions as a totally transparent business entity. We work very hard to be sure our client knows and understands the project specifications , timeline and cost .Our clients see all the spreadsheets ,material estimates ,subcontractors bids, all the numbers ,there are no secrets between us. The standard construction contract arrangement used between most builders and clients is potentially adversarial by its very nature. Particularly towards the end of the project when the client is expecting to get what was promised and the builder is trying to retain the profit and overhead margins they need. With our system there is a clear understanding and accounting weekly of where the project has been, it’s present status and where it is going. We work very hard to give our clients the very best quality possible to fit their budget while making a reasonable agreed profit and overhead. Communication is the key, we provide clear concise frequent communication followed by written confirmation of the projects financial and schedule status and of any changes in the scope of work, material, delivery or any other pertinent information.

If planned out carefully and done with the right contractor, building new or renovating an existing home or building can be one of the most satisfying, creative and enjoyable experiences a person can have. It does not have to be the horror story that you hear about. We have a long list of clients, we are happy to introduce you to, that have enjoyed the John Valdes and Associates building experience.