Additions / Remodel

John Valdes and Associates provides design and build services for remodeling and additions to both modern and historic commercial and residential properties. We are experts at integrating new uses into existing structures and finding ways of doing additions that when finished look like the original structure.” If after one years time you can look at the building and tell what the addition was and what was original we will have, in my opinion, failed in our mission”. John Valdes and Associates has done many residential and commercial remodels and additions downtown, on the beaches and in the surrounding county but we are best known ,by many ,for our remodeling of existing bed and breakfast inns and the creation of new bed-and-breakfast inns from pre-existing buildings in the city’s historic areas. In the past 22 years John Valdes and Associates has remodeled or created nine bed-and-breakfast inns. We will provide a listing of our commercial and residential remodeling projects upon request.