Concrete Panel

John Valdes and Associates Inc. provides design and build services for the use of pre-cast concrete panel construction in both residential and commercial applications. John Valdes is one of a few northeast Florida building contractors who does custom homes who has extensive design and construction experience utilizing pre-cast concrete panel. We have built strong beautiful low maintenance buildings for years but with pre-cast concrete wall systems we have been able to take the concept of very high storm and termite attack survivability, energy efficiency and long term serviceability to a whole new level.  Using off-site produced pre-cast concrete panels in place of on site produced tilt up panels we now are able to build in constricted residential and commercial locations. Pre-cast concrete panel construction offers the following exceptional benefits:

  • Disaster Resistance /Very High Storm Survivability: Wind rated as high as 300 mph with 6 to 8 inch thick 6000 PSI steel reinforced concrete. Concrete is not damaged by flooding and is resistant to fire.
  • Termite Attack Survivability: Simply put, termites do not eat concrete.
  • Green Advantages: Recent studies report that 30 to 40% of materials from conventional home construction can end up in landfills compared to 2% from systems build home
  • Construction Time: Pre-cast concrete panel exterior walls can cut up to 30 days from the construction schedule on a 5000 square-foot home or building
  • Energy Savings: thermal mass of concrete with an optimal amount of insulation provides better control for heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems saving energy and costs to operate while reducing environmental impact.
  • Acoustic Comfort: Pre-cast concrete walls reduce sound penetration more than 80% compared to wood and steel conventional construction
  • Life-Cycle Cost: Pre-cast concrete walls had a service life of 100 to 200 years. Most average building shells have a life range of 50 to 100 years. Life-cycle cost of pre-cast concrete means lower maintenance, repair, replacement and energy cost.

Precast concrete panel construction can be limited by the lack of access to the site for large trucks and heavy equipment or the inability of a crane to set the concrete panels due to tree coverage, power lines or other overhead obstructions.

We will provide a listing of our pre-cast concrete wall panel construction projects upon request.